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- Stötfångarreflex / Bumper stripe  /  Catadioptre pour pare choos  /  Reflexbänder für Stossfänger / Bumperstickers
- OEM number 283306 or OEM number 1129633 (Volvo 140 and 240 series)
- Expected soon for Volvo 700 and 900 series (production in process!)

most wanted accessory to finish your Volvo 140's or 240’s appearance is without a doubt the original reflective bumper striping, white colored reflecting stickers for the front bumper and red colored stickers for the rear bumper. The pre-moulded gaps are present in your bumper, however the stripe kit is not available anymore through any dealership worldwide! Now exclusively available from Volvogue (Shop-section).


These highly reflective 'conspicuity' striping's fit right in to the gentle grooves: that little horizontal indented/recessed area that runs through the middle of your front and rear 240 bumper. They give your car a nice Euro retro Volvo look, and adds a measure of safety: If your lights are off and you're on the side of the road or anywhere else on a pitch black night, the reflective bumper stripings will announce your presence as soon as a passing car's lights shine on your bumpers.



Production of Volvogue stripings:




The striping sets are often referred to as: Bumper stripe kit, Bumpersticker strips, Bumper reflector stripe kit, Reflective stickers, Self adhesive bumper stripes, Reflective bumper striping, Striping, Stripes, Reflector strips, Bumper tape and in Swedish: Reflex för stötfångare or Stotfangarreflex. OEM number: 283306 (75-80), 1129633 (81-93).



Bumper Reflector Stripe Kit white front red rear

Self adhesive bumper stripes reflect light at nightLend from a Volvo catalog: ASP/PV 8585-81 Engelska/UK "Introducing the New 1981 Volvos":

"The Volvo 244 has firmly established itself as a market leader and a trend setter, due to  its unique combination of quality, reliability, durability, comfort, safety and value for money. The 1981 models retain all these virtues, but present an appearance that is slimmer and lighter, with integral wrap around safety bumpers, new grilles and headlights and new window surrounds."  ... "For 200 Series cars in particular a wide range of accessories is available. Specialist equipment, safety items, sport and trim items and accessories that give an additional touch of luxury can all be found in the Volvo 200 Series accessory range."  ... "Self adhesive bumper stripes reflect light at night. Complete set for front (white) and rear (red)."

From the 'safety & security section' of the Volvo accessories catalog (1981): "Volvo Accessories", Bumper Reflector Strip Kit, white front, red rear:

"Volvo accessories... to fit your driving requirements whatever the occasion. Whether you use your Volvo to see the country, commute to work, or to shop around town, equip it for your individual needs with the accessories made to match your Volvo." ... "Bumper Stripes-Self-adhesive reflective tape; white for the front and red for the rear. Apply in preformed bumper channels."   


You can order our 3M™ self adhesive bumper striping in both the old style black raster pattern and in the new style with a color matching honeycomb pattern.  The old style (below, left) can be used on pre 1980 European models and pre 1983 USA models (sticker height: app 2,5cm/0.78inch). The new style (below, right) can be used on post 1980 European models and post 1983 USA models (sticker height: app 1,5cm/0.39 inch). Tick the video's on the top left of this page to see more, or just scroll down for more detailed pictures.  Reflective Bumper Striping Volvo 240, Old Type

Volvo bumper sticker new style
















Note: The old type bumperstiping al also used for the latest 140's! So If you have a later Volvo 140, 142 144 or 145, you can buy your bumperstiping set in our shop (Bumberstriping new type Vovlo 140).


The striping kits are made of the best 3M materials available for the film, ink and varnish. They are produced under 3M™ MCS conditions (Matched Component System), therefore quality and durability is guaranteed. All together, this leads to the following advantages (from the 3MProduct Bulletin):

  • Durable, flexible, enclosed-lens retroreflective striping
  • Similar daytime and nighttime appearance
  • According to the UN/ECE Regulation 104 (approved for usage in European traffic)
  • Up to eight years exterior durability
  • Retains 90% of its retro reflectivity when totally wet
  • Service range: -34 +93o Celsius (-29 +199o Fahrenheit)

All kits are finished with a special UV-protective coating in order to prevent the colors to fade over time. The striping reflects very bright for maximum night time visibility.

Apart from the safety argument to use these original 3M stripings, it gives your Volvo really the genuine and finishing touch. Also a great replacement for bumper striping which did not stand the test of time in terms of fading or damaging. The striping kits are easy to install, a clear installation instruction is included with delivery.     

See below for more pictures of our new striping sets, applied in the preformed bumper channels:

The new style (below) can be used on post 1980 European models and post 1983 USA models (sticker height: app 1,5cm/0.39 inch)

New style bumper striping volvo 245





















New style bumperstriping Volvo 244




















Volvo 244 bumperstriping






















Volvo bumperstriping 245 Back






















The old style (below) can be used on pre 1980 European models and pre 1983 USA models (sticker height: app 2,5cm/0.78inch)
And also on the later Volvo 140 models (with similar bumpers as the old type 240's).

Bumperstriping 244 front, ols style






















Old style bumperstriping 244




















Back side bumperstriping Volvo 244




















Detail Volvo 244 bumperstiping backside





















Recently sold, original volvo stripingset on ebay

Recently sold on e-bay






























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