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rustu rotten wheel arch Volvo 240

One of the most rust critical areas on the Volvo 240 are the rear wheel arches. The obvious reason for this is the lack of proper protection against water, gravel, mud and salt, that splashes up against and remains in the inner-side. Opposite to the front wheel arches, the rear arches were never originally equipped with interior mudguards (rear arch liners). Volvo just did not install interior mudguards at the rear wheel house. So this part of the car-body, where outside and inside metal-sheets are welded together, is not protected. Because Volvo didn't produce mudguards, they were never available, but now they are (Shop-section)!








See our YouTube demo video, tick the picture left-above.


We receive requests for a movie with installed Volvogue Mudguards, we are working on that! 



Lokari Mudguard installedRusted 244 Wheel houseInstalling mudguards (archliners) is the perfect solution to protect your Volvo from (further) rust attacks. This is the most essential investment to preserve and improve your Volvo 240’s current condition. You will never have to worry about rust in the wheel arches anymore, Volvogue protects the wheel house and the value of your car! Besides the above described rust protection, it also reduces the interior noise level you get from dirt, stones and water, that normally splashes directly on your metal wheel guard. A wheel house protected by a Volvogue interior mudguard is dry forever. In addition, there will be no more humidity inside the frame: no fallout of condensed water because the temperature of the car frame and the water smashed against the car frame are not the same. On the backside of the mudguards, condensed water just drops down!










Watch out for mudguards or arch liners of inferior quality! There are versions available on the market, made out of easy breakable plastics and/or only 0,5 to 2 milimeters thick, often produced in Eastern Europe. In the case of mudguards, Volvogue is powered by Lokari, Finland. Nearly 80% of all newly sold cars in Finland are by default equipped with Lokari interior mudguards). Lokari mudguards have been invented at the end of the 50ies in Finland because the roads and climate there is very rough. These mudguards, provided to you by Volvogue, are tested and have proven to be the best available for your Volvo. They are made of PE plastic (non-breaking polyethylene) and have a thickness of at least 2 millimeters. For more information, see: Lokari or Ides for some specific characteristics.












Volvogue Mudguard, LokariVolvogue MudguardOur rear interior mudguards are very easy to install, in about 45 minutes for both sides. Special tools or equipment are not required and mounting materials (screws and clips) are included for both sides. Volvogue also offers a description of an alternative installation procedure with special kit (not included) to stick the mudguard rim seamless to the wheel arch. A set of rear interior mudguards is complemented with a clear instruction on both the installation procedures so you can choose which option suits you best. 









Volvogue MudguardEven if you drive only in sunshine, gravel is everywhere. And if you look at the history of Volvogue mudguards (powered by Lokari), then you will recognize, that it's an 'extra' since 1950 (like the flower & vase at the dashboard, but it makes more sense). So, Volvogue mudguards are the optimal end of a old-timer restoration effort - like body wax and frame sealing.











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