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You will find these new articles in our Volvogue shop:
New Volvo Key!
Ignition Key Volvo 240
New Volvo Key, replacing your old worn key (the black material usually gets thin in time).
Not deliverable anymore by your Volvo dealer (Old Stock). But this unique volvo spare part is now available at Volvogue!

Pedal Rubbers
Easily to replace rubbers for the break- and clutch pedal of your 240.
In most countries your Volvo fails to pass the technical test if the brake rubber is not in one peace anymore. In that case the metal of the pedal itself (almost) comes trough. Buy these volvo-parts and renew the old rubbers in just 5 minutes for safer driving!

Magnetic, Filiment Collecting Oil Plug
Now available at Volvogue: Magnetic Filiment Collecting Oil Plug.
These are commonly used on many modern cars, however not available when the (older) Volvo cars were produced.
The magnetic plug collects all loose metal particles. Ehen you change teh oil, simply clean the plug! Oil drainplug comes complete witrh sealing washer. 

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