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New, read the story (and see the pictures) of a satified customer. He placed the Volvogue heavy duty blocks on his Volvo 940.
See: heavy load blocks 940.

Heavyduty Blocks, unique parts for your Volvo. Using your Volvo 240 regularly with heavy load, like an LPG-tank, or traveling with 4 adults, cause most 240’s to ‘hang over’ to the backside. This, of course, is not a problem, although your headlights might need additional adjustments. However, your car looks like it suffers from the weight. It doesn’t have the robust appearance that makes the Volvo 240 desirable.  


For this, you might want to compensate. You can adjust or modify the back-height of the car to ensure equal riding height, both rear and front. There are several well-known OEM options to influence the rear riding height:

  • Air-filled shock absorbers combined with a small compressor
  • Stiffer rear coil springs (overload springs)
  • Heavy load blocks

The most cost-efficient and effective way is the installation of heavy load blocks (Shop-section). The other options are more expensive and influence the riding comfort in a negative way. Realise you only want to lever your Volvo to its original height and certainly not influence the original coil-spring characteristics.


Volvogue heavy load blocks are made of the highest quality Polyurethane and meet the exact OEM specifications. They lever the hight of your Volvo with 4 centimeters. Former heavy load blocks were made of rubber which has negative characteristics for this application. Polyurethane offers the elasticity of rubber combined with the toughness and durability of metal. On top of that, it is extremely light and thus perfect for this purpose!

See for more information: 


Heavy load blocks are easily installed in about 45 minutes for both sides. Special tools aren’t necessary. Our set comes with a clear installation instruction and all the required installation materials.



Volvogue heavy load blocks (Volvo heavyduty blocks):

Heavy load blocks, mounted on a Volvo 245:



To order your PE heavy load blocks, see our Shop-section or mail us @

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